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    Catch the Wave

    A global radio show, that takes you beyond the world of K-pop and deeper into ..


    Bicycle Is Cool

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring


    How To Cook Healthy Food

    How To Cook Healthy Food. Oh, would I could describe these conceptions


    Travel And Collect Impressions

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul

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    Work Hard Or Go Home

    “As a result you can see how hard work and determination is … Justine Holman, Go Hard Or Go Home,


    Our Team Left For The Mountains

    I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite

    Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo workshop at Fusion MMA Camp New York, 2011

    Guro Ramon Villardo, Director of Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo, Canada, teaching Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo at the 1st Annual Summer Camp hosted by Fusion Mixed Martial Arts, Clyde, New York, USA from August 12 – 14, 2011.

    Bakbakan Toronto – We are the Champions!!!

    Bakbakan Toronto Team winning Gold and Silver Medals at Tim Hartman’s Laban-Laro Filipino Martial Arts Tournaments 2010 .

  • Bakbakan International Toronto welcomes Modern Arnis Seminar

    Bakbakan International Toronto in association with Undisputed Martial Arts hosted Guro Brian Johns of Modern Arnis.

  • Filipino Knife Combatives Seminar

    Filipino Knife Combatives Seminar

    BAKBAKAN INTERNATIONAL, TORONTO, CANADA hosted a Filipino Knife Combatives Seminar on Saturday, May 21, 2011 conducted by Master Oliver Garduce of the Punite Waray Fighting Arts. MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS!  


    Filipino Martial Arts Seminar featuring Grandmaster Marc De Leon

    Filipino Martial Arts Seminar featuring Grandmaster Marc De Leon of TAGAAN ARNIS, KUNTAW and SIKARAN hosted by The Bakbakan International Toronto HQ on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Mabuhay ang Sining Mandirigma ng Pilipinas (The Warrior Arts of the Philippines).


    Guro Ramon Promotion

    Grandmaster Marc De Leon, 10th Degree Red Belt/Grandmaster/Founder of TAGAAN Arnis-KAWALA Martial Arts; 9th Degree Red Belt/Grandmaster of KUNTAW, has promoted Guro Ramon Villardo, Head/Chief Instructor of Bakbakan International, Canada, to 2nd Degree Blackbelt in the De Leon family style of TAGAAN ARNIS and also 1st Degree Blackbelt/Lakan-Guro in KUNTAW for Guro Ramon’s mastery of […]


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    Sabrine Cloe

    Wear on the outside either means the wearer is an underpronator or has shoes with too much support.

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    Alberto Fernando

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring

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    John AppleWhite

    Behaviors are modified and conscious memories are permanently imprinted.

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    Alexandra Webber

    It can be hard to know when you've reached the 500-mile mark

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    Erica Stone

    Specialist sports shop staff are trained to examine the way your feet move when they're on the ground.

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    Jessica Johnson

    Stability or motion control shoes should be avoided in favour of a neutral trainer with plenty of cushioning.

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